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Ideas to do

Culture can be a tool of change. Thanks to culture we create the sense of bond, social solidarity and responsibility for the place we are in. Since 2002, together with the network of animators, social workers and creators, we have been collecting the ideas answering the question: how to build good social relationships through culture. To do so, we use film, photography, design, theatre, new media but also a normal conversation. We analyze the institutions of culture and diagnose the needs of local communities. We create a space for kids, young people and adults to ask questions, be active and express themlselves. We give cultural institutions inspiration for a change, we support young creators' projects and we encourage them to work with the inhabitants of local communities. We test new solutions, we experiment, checking out what works and what not. Through carrying out social projects we exchange ideas, solutions and practical tips. We have decided that it is about time to share our verified ideas. And that is how „Ideas to do” were born.

„Ideas to do” is a publishing that collects and presents various activities – from short one-day actions to developed, diversed projects. All the ideas were described according to one pattern. We introduce the aim and the way of carrying out the action – made by us or by animators, researchers, activists or educators cooperating with us. Then, in few simple steps, we explain, how you can put into practice a similar venture, by using our ideas and experience. Each idea was described on separate sheet of paper, so you can easily bring it with you as an inspiration to the meeting, workshop or to show it to others.

Apart from 87 cards with ideas hidden in a box, you will also find a tool – a navigation wheel that may help you find an idea connected with the topic chosen (such as design, history, public space, sport, local diagnosis, or with targeted groups, like kids, seniors, adults).

„Ideas to do” were created thanks to commitment and work of hundreds of people from all over Poland – members of network of Travelling Animators of Culture and Sociologists, the animators making their own activities through the pograms coordinated by Association of Creative Initiatives „ę”. These ideas would have never happened without the trust of our partners.

Association of Creative Initiatives „ę”

Since 2002, we have been carrying out socio-cultural project all over Poland. We produce cultural and social projects. We train, give grants, publish books. We create and promote new models of activity in the sphere of culture. We carry out projects arising from our passions and the way we see the world. We remain loyal to values important to us: authenticity, high quality of proposals and getting satisfaction out of what we do. We run a network of animators in the entire country. We have long time partners. Our experience and skills let us experiment, outline new trends and implement new projects. Our goals are grouped in three themes:

Young Creatives Cooperative is an alternative production studio, where we create good conditions for young creatives to develop. Our rule is to see projects through „form the idea to realization”. We organise workshops, exhibitions, portfolio reviews, we produce film debuts and photographic projects.
Citizens In Action is a laboratory of socio-cultural projects. Within its framework, animators realize their own projects in their neighbourhoods, cities or the entire country. We run grant and micro-grant projects.

Open Cultural Sector is a think thank creating new solutions for culture. We carry out participatory projects engaging people from the cultural sector, residents, researchers, and local government in public life.

Creating the world, where people with passion can act for themselves and for others.

Travelling Culture Animateurs and Sociologists are a group of experienced animators, educators, social researchers and social workers, founded in 2010 to support cultural institutions and organizations in whole Poland. Travelling Animators bring up not only inspiration but also show real methods of work that can be used in further activities. Animators, apart from direct group workshops, are open for support and
sharing their knowledge with local animators.

Travelling Sociologists provide the tools for local diagnosis under the slogan „How to become a researcher of you local community”. They help to recognise and understand the needs of different groups in local community, and they help during the process of creating the action strategy between institutions, organizations and independent leaders.